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In Living Color

I hope you enjoy this selection of some of my favorite full color images from my travels around the US, abroad, and my backyard. Peruse around and get lost in them, and ask any questions you might have. I'd be flattered and honored if you would consider these photos for use as a low cost option to a stock photograph in your graphic design or web projects, or as art you'd like to have matted or framed for a spot o' color on your wall. Each photo was shot with my iPhone, so I would not suggest printing them much larger than 11 X 17. To purchase any image, please contact me with the price you're hoping to pay (typically $19-$99). If it works for me, and it usually does, I'll give you my Venmo or PayPal account, and once you pay, I'll email the highest resolution file I have the instant it hits. It's that simple!

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